Fabulous, spectacular, TRANSCENDcycle

Last night I took a GREAT spin class at Equinox, with Darryl Gaines–TranscendCycle, and oh my God was it intense. The bass in the music was so loud and made you want to move. What was interesting about this class was that 90% of it we were out of the saddle, not huge resistance, but definitely steady. We would ride and the music is jamming, and then he tells us ‘run up the hil,’ meaning go all out, and we would, and you figured ‘ok, we’re at the top of the hill, let me sit–‘NO he would say ‘UP’ meaning stay up and keep spinning. Like I said the class was definitely motivating. I will definitely take the class again.

As far as the workout goes, I tried to keep up as much as I could admittedly I was up about 80% of the time, but not working any slower, my heart rate was between 180-190 the entire workout, I couldn’t get it to go down if I tried. When I took TERRAcycle the day before Gregg, kept saying, and I am paraphrasing ‘look if you want to see results, it’s going to hurt, you will get to a point that you will say I can’t go any faster or do it anymore, it is when you get by that that you will see results, be better than you were yesterday.’ I kept hearing this throughout my workout and I wanted to be better than I was yesterday.

After our class, we worked out with Kati, practice for CMC. We several sets of box jumps, kettle bell throws, thrusters and burpees. We must have looked retarded because our burpees we were all hitting the ground, and just throwing it out there. I am positive I hate burpees, and I am sure I will never like them, but if it gets the fat off the body I will give it my best effort.

Our team got two new members, Eileen and Semantha. Eileen is a little hesitant about the whole thing, as she maintains she doesn’t have the upper body strength. The chick is buff, she will smoke me in the race, I really don’t know what she’s worried about. As for Semantha, she is also a tough chick, she went thru ETC with us and so we know she can BRING IT! I called out several of the trainers because they promised to register but I still haven’t seen them register, I hope they don’t get mad as it is all in good fun. As much as I want to do the race, I KNOW they can smoke the race they are all in pretty bad ass condition! I aspire to be HALF as bad ass as they are.

What a day

I just got home from scootering. Last night I went to sleep early I was so tired–Gabriella text me around 2AM and we start texting back and forth, knowing fully well I was going to be up around 5AM and she was going to be up around 8AM, anyway we texted for a while and eventually I went to sleep.

Like clockwork I was up at 5:03AM, WTF! I felt good, so I walked the dog came back took a shower and got ready to go to the gym. Today was TERRAcycle with Gregg Cook followed by Whipped with him also, it was going to be a tough day. Got to 19th St early, but wasn’t sure about parking so I threw it in a garage, I hate NYC parking.

Got in changed and into the cycling studio, this time I got in early enough to set my bike up properly, I had it all set, then when I tightened the resistance, the bike started making a noise, luckily Gregg gave me his bike. I’ve heard so much about Gregg’s classes and it did live up to the hype. The music was great and Gregg really does put you into a space where you believe you are riding on a road with other people. I found the class challenging, I was working up quite the sweat. By the end of the class I was in a pool of sweat, but I guess that’s par for the course. Bottom line, class was really great, can’t wait to do it again, on Wednesday, moreover I can’t wait till I am better at it, as I don’t want to let myself down and Gregg down–does that make any sense at all?

We then went up to the main studio–next up Whipped–which actually whipped my ass! 6 Stations, 2 exercises at each station and two circuits. I took it once when I first joined Equinox back in March, but since ETC kept us so busy I never took it again. Yesterday 30/60/90 was intense, and Whipped was also intense, I think I liked 30/60/90 better though, I liked the intensity and the non-stop go of the class. Don’t get me wrong, I ‘enjoyed’ the class, but I ‘enjoyed’ yesterday’s more. It was nice to see Gabriella come also, as she had to sneak away from work to get the workout in. I forgot Semantha from ETC is the one who told me about the classes today. it’s always much more fun when there is someone else in the class that you know. Even though there was no time to chit-chat I was busy trying to BREATHE!

All in all Whipped was good, again as with most classes I was so glad when it was over, I felt better too. After the class we all spoke for a little bit, turns out Gregg may do http://www.civilianmilitarycombine.com with us. A lot of people have said they will be doing the race with us, but only 6 have actually signed up which I think is good, looks like we’ll have a nice big team, now Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself as my team will probably smoke me!

I weighed myself at the gym and I was down ANOTHER 7 lbs–WOO HOO, that 38 lbs since I Joined Equinox, I knew that I was working hard all week, but I didn’t realize that I had worked THAT I worked 7lbs hard. I was so happy, I am now 240 lbs. I am only 50 lbs from my goal of 190, if I keep losing weight at this ridiculous pace I should be there by September, But I doubt that will happen!

WTF, is up with my fat %, why hasn’t it gone down, I know it’s lower but what’s up with the Equinox Scale?

Got home and went out scootering, I jumped on and just wanted to go somewhere, I was going to take Gabriella out to the Hamptons yesterday, but got stood up for paperwork she was behind on! Boo Hoo sad clown… : ( I ended up going to New Paltz, NY where I went to college. I stopped at Miko Sushi, picked up a sushi deluxe and went to sit by what we affectionately called the GUNK, which is actually the runoff from the neighboring Shawangunk Mountains. I ate my sushi listened to my iTunes and it was very nice, would have been nicer with company, but still better than working!

Just got back and I’m relaxing now, until tomorrow when I have Studio Cycling at 6PM with Darryl Gaines.

So I tried this class today 30/60/90

It was interesting and an intense workout.  I am going to try and explain it, but I am sure I will do it incorrectly, the exercises are 30/60/90 seconds in duration.  You work hard throughout, but the last 10 seconds you’re supposed to be anaerobic, meaning you should be breathless and trying to catch your breath. 

The class was intense, from the second you start you work, and you go from one exercise to the other without a rest, so you do find yourself sweating like crazy.  I was sweating so much I started to slip and slide on my own sweat, what’s the etiquette for that, I didn’t have time to mop up the pool of water I was in, so I merely shifted my body to get out of it.

Prior to the class, I was working on my kettlebell throws and thrusters, my team and I are preparing for http://www.civilianmilitarycombine.com in September.  I did this race on a whim last Saturday, it was brutal.  It’s not just a mud run/obstacle course, but it’s also a fitness test.  Prior to going out on the course you are in ‘The Pit’ where for 1.5 minutes you do kettle bell throws, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of burpees, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of box jumps, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of thrusters.  AFTER all of this abuse then you are sent out on a 5 mile course as was the case in this race.

Final result, 2nd to LAST person to finish–but as everyone has told me–YOU FINISHED!  I am happy to have finished, seeing as I had virtually no preparation for this race, only my ETC class and weight training.  I want to be better the next time, I don’t expect to win, but I don’t expect 2nd to last again either.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be taking a spin class, excuse me I meant ‘Studio Cycling’ class with Gregg Cook, and then right afterwards I will do this class called Whipped, I have taken it before and it does WHIP YOUR ASS, let’s see how it goes after I have already gotten my butt kicked prior to in a Studio Cycling class.

Well, here I am…

Hi and welcome to all that may or may not read this.  This blog is really meant for ME, I find that I need to express myself in some way, writing is cathartic for me and I do enjoy re-reading my posts from time to time to recall how I felt.

Several months back I decided that I have had it with being FAT, there was a time I was cycling 300-400 miles per week, went to France every summer for Le Tour de France, went to the World Championships, rode centuries, rode Boston to New York Aids Ride several times, and sundry other things.  Since I got married all of that stopped and I became sedentary and my health went to hell.  I HAD high blood pressure, I am a Type II Diabetic, and all the other good stuff that goes with these terrible diseases!

Anyway, I digress, I joined Equinox on the urging of my friends Michael and Eileen, I was hung up on pricing and was a little hesitant to spend that much on a gym!  Anyway, I bit the bullet and did it, I haven’t looked back since.  I started going with my Friend Michael, he is a bulldog when it comes to working out, very intense and committed–no wonder he looks great.  But anyway, at first we would go Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Mostly cable work with weights, I was curious to see how things would go because I have never done any type of weight training, so even I was curious to see what would happen.  This was the middle of March and I was weighing 277 lbs.

I went on the days I was supposed to with Michael and it was ok, there were still days when I didn’t want to go but he would shame me into going and I would go and in the end I really would feel better–how about that?  About two weeks after we started Michael told me about this ‘boot camp’ kind of program that Equinox was doing for the first time, I thought this would be a great way to give me a jump start into my quest for a fitter life.  I am copying the post I made in my Equinox group as I pretty much summed up everything:

Ok, so I just got home, ETC is a commitment, but when you live 2 hours away it really is a commitment! This will be long so I apologize in advance but you guys seem to like my minutiae.

Back in March I was skiing in Breck with Michael Jeavons and my friend Eileen, I had an epiphany that I was tired of being fat and out of shape. The implored me to join Equinox as they have before, I was hung up on pricing, I had a great deal at NYH&RC, but I hadn’t been there in about TWO YEARS!

We got back and I bit the bullet, cancelled my NYH&RC membership and joined Equinox. Michael was a taskmaster, made me go three times a week and we did weight training, which I had never done before. I hated it, but saw it as a necessary evil.

He told me about ETC, and said I should sign up; unfortunately the registration had already been closed and I begged and pleaded and harassed Lashaun and Michelle for a spot, unfortunately it was too late. Alas Michael said screw them ‘we’re going to break you in, just go to the class they can’t stop you!’ Luckily the day before class started I got an email from Michelle telling me I was the last one they let into the class, I thanked her profusely and was happy I think.

We started ETC, and man was it tough. I had to take the ribbing from Michael about my ‘bitch push-ups’ for a while, then finally on week 3 he said you have to stop doing them if you ever want to get better. So I did, haven’t been on my knees since doing push-ups.

The 2nd and 3rd weeks hit, and my knee would swell up like a baseball after class. I was popping this new drug that I never used–ADVIL like it was candy. I broke down and went to my doctor and she basically said (I am paraphrasing) ‘look you’re fat, and you’re jumping around and your body is trying to get used to it, there’s really nothing wrong with you, but I will give you 400mg Ibuprofen.’ (Que the singers–hurray–great success!)

I was fine, I felt myself getting stronger, I was in the gym 6 days a week and I started to not mind it so much, as I was seeing the difference and I felt different. Maybe this gym thing wasn’t so bad after all. Now I know just because one goes to the gym 6 days a week doesn’t necessarily mean you will get results and quite frankly you’ll burn out, but it was something I felt I needed to do, so I did.

Week 4 I did blood work, as I have to do every 3 months as I am a diabetic. My blood work came back the best they have ever been many things have been remedied, the doc wants to see it replicated several more time before she actually calls it, I won’t go into the detail as I have posted this before.

Week 5-8 just felt good, kept getting stronger. I didn’t mind going to the gym as much anymore and I actually look forward to it. Yesterday I upgraded my membership to Destination Access, so now I can go to any club in the country!

I will miss the support from all the fellow ETC’ers, I think it was a brilliant move to have all of us commit for the entirety of the class. I am hoping to see all of you at classes, just let me know and I’ll be there. I am grateful for all the friends I have met and especially one special friend, but that’s another story for another time!

So here I am feeling slightly melancholy because ETC is over and I will miss the MWF Rock crew. I made a lot of friends and what can one say about the instructors–the BEST. Now that I can go to any club I will stalk Gregg Cook, Marcus Jackson, Shaun R Jenkins,Caitlin McGowan,Dominic Manfredi,Danielle Hopkins and maybe even Yuval David and go to their classes and build on what they and the rest of the ETC crew has helped me build.

Thank you all for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you all in a class or anywhere else. Don’t forget we are doing the www.civilianmilitarycombine.com in September, join the team!


That pretty much summed up my experience for ETC.  I continue to work on improving myself and will post here my thoughts and feelings on a lot of the classes and activities I get involved in.