So I tried this class today 30/60/90

It was interesting and an intense workout.  I am going to try and explain it, but I am sure I will do it incorrectly, the exercises are 30/60/90 seconds in duration.  You work hard throughout, but the last 10 seconds you’re supposed to be anaerobic, meaning you should be breathless and trying to catch your breath. 

The class was intense, from the second you start you work, and you go from one exercise to the other without a rest, so you do find yourself sweating like crazy.  I was sweating so much I started to slip and slide on my own sweat, what’s the etiquette for that, I didn’t have time to mop up the pool of water I was in, so I merely shifted my body to get out of it.

Prior to the class, I was working on my kettlebell throws and thrusters, my team and I are preparing for in September.  I did this race on a whim last Saturday, it was brutal.  It’s not just a mud run/obstacle course, but it’s also a fitness test.  Prior to going out on the course you are in ‘The Pit’ where for 1.5 minutes you do kettle bell throws, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of burpees, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of box jumps, rest 30 seconds and rotate to the next station, 1.5 minutes of thrusters.  AFTER all of this abuse then you are sent out on a 5 mile course as was the case in this race.

Final result, 2nd to LAST person to finish–but as everyone has told me–YOU FINISHED!  I am happy to have finished, seeing as I had virtually no preparation for this race, only my ETC class and weight training.  I want to be better the next time, I don’t expect to win, but I don’t expect 2nd to last again either.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be taking a spin class, excuse me I meant ‘Studio Cycling’ class with Gregg Cook, and then right afterwards I will do this class called Whipped, I have taken it before and it does WHIP YOUR ASS, let’s see how it goes after I have already gotten my butt kicked prior to in a Studio Cycling class.

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