A little melancholy yesterday, a little better today…

I was part of this 8 week program at Equinox called ETC(Equinox Training Camp). I figured it would be a great way to jump start my fitness, and mn oh man as it ever. When I joined Equinox in mid March I as weighing in at 277 lbs! I know, I know, I was HUGE!

After 2.5 months in the gym I am down to 241 lbs, I don’t believe the fat I have lost reading so I won’t mention it, let’s just say, currently I am in the 30% range but I think it’s much lower than that!

Last night we had a wrap up party just to do some measurements and additional fitness tests. We tested at the beginning and then we test at the end to see how we’ve changed. I was pleased but I knew I would do fine irregardless because I am a geek about keeping track of my progress.

We saw everyone from class nd several of the instructors were there also. We did the fitnes tests and did some measurements, I was pleased but I thought the numbers were off, but enough of my minutiae. We ate fatty foods and there as champagne provided. It’s funny, someone said ‘only Eqinox would make the clients skinny and then serve them fattening food.’

As I left I had a feeling of loss for some strange reason. I had spent the last 8 weeks with all these great people, we became friends and helped and pushed and prodded each other when we needed to be. All of us had changed both physically and I am sure mentally. It doe take commitment to do the program and I am sure some of the habits will have rubbed off on some of us, I know it did for me!

So, after thinking about it more I realized its not a reason to be sad, but a reason to rejoice because it’s not an end–it’s a beginning. I feel like I have taken my life back both physically and personally.

I look forward to whatever the future holds for me. I always have it in the back of my mind ‘how will you stay motivated,’ it’s just like the temptation to go out and go to McDonald’s or some other evil fast food place. Unfortunately the temptation will always be there but I have to trust that I will make the right choce.

Somehow I think I will be ok.. ; )

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