Been thinking about some stuff…

I am constantly a work in progress, I think we all are, isn’t that what makes life interesting? Seeing my new found fitness, there seems to be so many other things I am ready for. Spin has helped me to ride better on my road bike–so much so I went and ordered a new Serotta road bike! The 40 lbs I no longer carry leaves me with more energy, as I do a lot of walking at my job, so it’s a relief. I still don’t get enough sleep, and I don’t know how to get more, I get home and instead of being tired I am still wired and can’t sleep. I go to sleep around 1:00 AM, and wake up promptly at 5:00 AM–WTF!

It reminds me of a story, when Greg Lemond was racing they peloton used to joke that his butt was so big it would flop over the sponsors name on the back of the seat. That’s kind of how I always felt, until about the middle of the summer when I was ‘in riding shape,’ it makes me laugh because what I thought was in riding shape is nothing compared to how I am now. It’s certainly easier climbing without those 40 extra pounds, maybe I can work my way back to riding in France–it’s been so long.

I think I’ll try the Death Ride again next year, last time I completed three passes, this time I am going to go for all five passes (30,000 ft of climbing), OH BABY! I am still hopeful to keep up with my fitness, I think I will always have to worry about it, as I always worry about what I am eating everyday. I don’t want to fault anything because as of now everything is working and I am humming along.

I’ve been thinking more and more why I didn’t do this before. I think it boils down to good old fashioned laziness to be quite frank, plus I have an amazing team of supporters. I definitely don’t think I could have done it without them, because they keep me on track and keep me going. I will be in California from next Wednesday for RAAM, think I’ll be able to work out until Friday, but after that it will be tough 24 hours on the road and constant motion, hmmm, I guess my cortisol levels will be going thru the roof.

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