I was surprised

You know yesterday I went and did a Studio Cycling class at 44th St and 5th Av Equinox, I did my class and then I was supposed to meet Gabriela at 72nd St Equinox to do METCON3, I didn’t think anything of it, I figured I would just jump in a cab and get there and do my class. Much to my amazement, I couldn’t get a cab–WTF! I was surprised, but then again I feel a little naiive at the same time to think that in the middle of rush hour I would be able to hail a cab to go 1.5 miles. My spin class ended at 6:30, and my METCON3 class started at 7:00, no big deal right, but I ended up getting there 15 minutes late, I didn’t want to walk in during the middle of class, even though Gabriela suggested that I should just come in. I was a little embarrassed and quite frankly getting ready for the class, involved getting a lot of stuff, I thought it was extremely obtrusive. I was so angry, I couldn’t believe how angry I was!

It occurred to me–why the hell was I angry? I mean 4 months ago I would have been happy that I didn’t arrive in time to do a fitness class–lol. I am so committed to this that I am upset if I don’t get a workout in each day, usually TWO if I can help it. I don’t think I am burning out, but I am motivated to say the least. I think I am in the upward side of the bell curve when it comes to wokring out, as I speak to many of the instructors I realize that I must temper my enthusiasm to stay motivated for the long haul. Can I do that? I am so pleased with the results thus far and I just don’t want to be that ‘big guy’ again, don’t get me wrong, I am still bigger than I want to be, but still I am 47lbs lighter due to all the work I have done over the last several months!

Tomorrow it’s Cardio Conditioning and Boot Camp–oh boy, I get my ass kicked for 1.5 hours and then have to go and deal with all these whacko renters, I know it sound like fun right?

I just got home, it’s 10:49 and I am slightly tired, I have to leave the house by 7:30 at latest and go to Hoboken, from Hoboken I will park and then take the PATH and MTA to Brooklyn Heights–I am committed or at least should be committed right? I spoke to Michael today we’re going to do Whipped on Sunday evening with Gerren Liles-can’t wait.

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