It’s a waiting game now

All the vehicles are ready, the signs are on, the grocery shopping has been done, the practice has been completed, the racers are resting, pretty much everything has been done by now. Well, once we begin there will be more stuff that probably has to be done too, so now we wait.
Waiting seems to be the hardest part of of this trip. We seemingly got here earlyhttt, we all arrived on Wednesday and started to prep since then. Speaking to some of the veterans who have done this they thought it was one too many nights here in Oceanside, but who am I to complain, it’s on their dime. T.
I really would like to make an attempt to complete RAAM, today I met Time Woudenberg, a ‘legend’ in RAAM, he has completed the race 6 times and is well respected in the ultra cycling community. I was supposed to crew for him in 2007, but unfortunately one of the riders on his team Glenn Druery had a horrific fall, he feel and slid for about 75 feet from what I understand he has terrible road rash on his butt and legs, and he was going to ride across country. Fortunately for him, common sense prevailed, they still rode to the first checkpoint n Arizona and then stopped racing.

That was the first time I was supposed to crew. The second time in 2010, I was supposed to crew, I gave the crew chief a little bit more lip than I should have and we mutually agreed it probably wasn’t a good idea to crew. I still wanted to crew, when I found out Dana was looking for people to crew, I contacted him and luckily this time I was chosen. I have to remind myself to just sit back and shut up, just listen and do what you’re told.

Many of my friends that found out about this actually think I’m racing, I have to explain to the, that what I am doing is actually crewing, rider support for the uninitiated. The riders need our help to cross the US as much as we need them to ride in order to crew for them. It is a great honor and privilege to crew which many don’t understand and although I say that I would love to do this on my own–can I do it? I would want to do it as part of a team, the stories you hear about these guys is just amazing, the ultra cycling community is a strange bunch to us mere mortals. These guys will ride and ride and ride for hours and days on end for the sport.

Consider that these guys are riding 24 hours a day, for the next 6 days, they are doing 1/2 hour pulls, and then switching out every four hours, fromCalifornia to Maryland. I am extremely psyched to be part of this great undertaking.

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