RAAM starts in less than 40 hours…

So today we had out final inspections. In RAAM as with any organized race there are certain rules for signage, setup, vans, chase cars, etc. it’s amazing how thick the rule book is, for something you think is so simple. Of course all those years ago when those 5 guys decided to swim, bike and run and creat the sport of triathlon,who knew it would turn not the industry it has turned into. Same for biking, used to be when you jumped on a bike you were just going from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without walking.

I see this too in my own life, when I was 10 or11 we would go out early and ride my single speed Kia (no not the car) all over NYC. We would go out 10 or 11 in the morning and come back at 6 or 7 in the evening as if it was nothing. Now God forbid I don’t have a minimum of 30 gears, my helmet, my spandex, etc, I won’t even got out!

So I am here at RAAM, and with all the stuff I have going on at home, I am still motivated to do this race. My roommate Leroy is over 60 years old and has qualified to do a solo RAAM. In order to qualify for a solo RAAM, you must be able to complete 400 miles in 24 hours, evidently he holds the unofficial record for his age group, unofficial because he didn’t have an official in the chase vehicle to verify that he hadn’t ‘cheated.’

So, I sit here and contemplate, what does my future hold, on many fronts?

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