Today is the day…

Well, today is the day, we finally leave for our great adventure. Last night we went to the race briefing, there are so many 4 man teams, it is ridiculous. There were a lot of 8 man teams also, this looks to be a fun race. I have to keep in mind that this is indeed a RACE, hence the name of the event, we are trying to set the record for recumbents crossing. It doesn’t look like it is a major priority to do that, but it would be nice. After all we are riding the fastest bikes out there anyway!

We leave today at 12:00 noon, they will announce the racers and there is a ceremonial start, I believe Allan the other gentleman in the car with me was originally supposed to ride. He had to have knee surgery and had to drop out at the last minute, that really sucked. These ultra cycling people really take the sport seriously. Did you know that in the 27 years the race has been in existence, there have only been 250 people to complete it doing it SOLO–ONE PERSON, 3000 miles, usually in about 10 days.

One guy on our team, Kevin completed it, 10 days 17 hours, his brother is racing this year on out team. We met a legend of RAAM and ultra cycling in general Tim Woudenberg (Tim by the way has competed in RAAM 6 times, several times as a solo rider which he holds the record for as a recumbent rider, and he has also completed it as a team rider), really nice guy, I was supposed to crew for him in 2007, but Glenn Druery (another legend) had a fall and couldn’t complete the race. Tim was telling us that Glenn convinced a tattoo artist to tattoo flames around his nipples yesterday, we were laughing so hard, but that’s how Glenn is–he’s a fun loving Aussie!

Last night I had the glamorous task of dong laundry for the team, no big deal, everything I do won’t be sexy, but man to find a laundromat at 10:30 PM in Oceanside, CA, you think it would be easy, but it really wasn’t! Anyway, found it and did what we had to do.

I haven’t worked out since Tuesday, I feel really crappy and FAT–LOL! I am going to it the gym hard when I get back Andy am sure my ‘gym rat’ friends won’t mind killing me also. I am jealous Kati & Gabriela are doing Crossfit today, I’d love to be there but I am on the other side of the country! Well, I am sure there are more Crossfit classes to go to, so no use ‘crying’ over missing this one!

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