Borrego Springs, Ca

So we’re sitting here in Borrego Springs, Ca. It is in the middle of the desert, I don’t see how people live out here but it’s beautiful! We are waiting in Christmas Tree Circle, surrounded by the desert there is this lush oasis rig in the middle of it, really weird!

Evidently at the last time check we were the last team in, don’t feel bad for us, it’s only the first day and we’ve only done about 70 miles, there is still 2,930 miles to go! The days was spent shuttling racers around. After the ceremonial start where one of the first people to do RAAM started then all the teams went off in 1 minute intervals.

We headed back to the car, the route starts by going down a bike route which passes Camp Pendleton, at the end we would pick up Alex and Steve to shuttle them to Borrego Springs for the changeover.

Unfortunately we had to go shopping and buy food again, remember we are 18 people constantly rolling in a 24 hour a day event, they have to feed us. Unfortunately for me I have been eating like crap, I am trying to be good, but still end up eating things I wouldn’t normally eat at home. The guy in the car with me is even worse, all he does is snack, I have been strong,I am sticking to my cranberry, nut mix, but it is getting tempting!

The place we are is in the middle of the desert but it’s really pretty here. There is a certain calmness and it’s serene. Oh, I forgot to tell you, I should get the hero of the day award, evidently, one of the racers from another team took a wrong turn, I chased them about 2 or 3 miles down the road and told them. Yes I should get a pat on the back! As I was saying, it’s so pretty out here, but who the hell would live out here! How would you even get to work, it is a haul no matter which direction you turn it’s going to be a haul to get to wherever, right now it’s 99 degrees! It’s not hot at all, it’s a dry heat as it is so cliche to say.

Soon, we will be headed to the comfort of our hotel room while the rest of the team makes due with either the car or the RV (he said with a devilish grin)! Tomorrow looks like more shopping and who knows after all I am n the ‘Gofor’ van.

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