We’re in Colorado tonight, on to Kansas tomorrow…

We started the day out in Monument Valley, UT. We left our hotel around 7:00 AM and man oh man was it spectacular. I am saddened slightly as it is so beautiful but a lot of people may never get to experience this place, the beauty and the majesty it was. For those who don’t know what I am speaking of, if you saw Forest Gump, the part where he stops running and wants to go home, he’s running in Monument Valley. It was spectacular, I am sure you can see photos of it online and on my Facebook page!

We caught up with the mothership around 9:00am, they didn’t get as far as we thought. Remember this is an ultra cycling event, the riders are on the road 24 hours a day, doing 30-40 minutes segments depending on the terrain. By the end of the ride, each rider will have done about 750 miles!

There were a lot of hills today, the racers climbed to 10,000 ft in the Rockies, which is the highest point in the race. We had the racers do .5 mile pulls as they are riding recumbents and recumbents descend well, but don’t climb too fast. So about every .5 miles we would switch riders, we were holding our own with some of the other teams, but it wouldn’t help THEM, we would blow them away on the downhill.

What’s the reward after climbing 10,000 ft, well a 65 miles descent of course hitting speeds of 50-60 mph–ON A BIKE! I know you are shaking your head, I wish a cop would give them a ticket–it would have been a badge of honor! The race went over the highest point today, and it will be relatively flat for a while, there may be some small hills tomorrow, but the next major climbs will be in Missouri and the Appalachians I believe.

Allan, who was supposed to ride, but had knee surgery and couldn’t was in the car again. He is so jonesing to get not a follow vehicle and navigate or drive. The gofer van is not the sexiest job, but we have managed to make it quite sexy. We have been in on all the stages of the race so far as well,as taking care of the mundane tasks associated with the race in general. I feel really bad for him because he isn’t making a big deal about it, but he does want to be more involved, I think it’s shitty that the crew chief hasn’t actually volunteered someone to take his place because it seems that’s the only way he’s getting out. He’s a good guy though and I am sure he’ll get in the car before the end of the race.

Towards the end of the day I started to feel a little melancholy, I am missing going to the gym and my normal routine. I was slightly bummed out, then with everything else going on, my mind was racing about all kinds of stuff. There are going to be some big changes when I get back and although I know they are what is best, I am like everyone else I hate change!

GK, texted me, evidently one of her friends committed suicide and she was a little upset. I felt bad I couldn’t be there to comfort her, but we texted and spoke briefly. She takes things so hard–why does she have to care so much for everyone? I guess that’s one of the things I like abut her, but it can be taxing as it does take a toll on her mentally.

Anyway, we have stopped for the night at the lovely The Lodge Motel, I understand I’m not buying a condo here, but the cigarette and air freshner smell is hard to not notice! All I can say well at least I am sleeping in a bed as opposed to the RV, and not stinking up the place as some of those guys on the RV were RIPE!

Tomorrow we’re on to Kansas and the flats, we’ll really make up a lot of time there. We are currently 10th out of 14 teams, but one team was disqualified today, so we are 10th out of 13 teams now.

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