We’re in Kansas Toto

So here we are in Greensburg. KS. Allan and I have the sexy job of laundry again, seems like there is more and more each day, but when you’re rolling 24hrs a day it’s bound to happen right?

We chased the boys down since around 6:40 this morning. This part of the race was relatively flat so our boys were moving and fast! Evidently at one time station they were averaging 29mph, makes sense because there was a tailwind last night. We finally caught them around 12:30pm.

There was a strong headwind today, it was blowing, right to left and then it was blowing directly into their face. Remember I cycling the wind is the thing that fatigues you the most. One may not think he/she is working hard, but you are because you are fighting that headwind. That all being said one of our riders got dehydrated and is currently in the hospital. It’s really not a big deal, he will be fine they just kept him for observation.

This does happen from time to time. As I have never done an ultra cycling event before, I was speaking to Steve & Peggy, they said the easiest way to rehydrate ate is either pedialyte or ensure, I have to keep that in the back of my mind for my events. I don’t want to say I was worried as the crew does take great care of the races and we took no chances.

So, as Chris is laying in the hospital right now, we are ‘living it up’ at The Budget Inn in Pratt, KS! Seriously though tomorrow we will pick Chris up around 10:00 AM and the we have to go chase down the racers again. We figure they will be about 3 hours ahead of us, and will take us abut 4-5 hours to reach them. Tomorrow is relatively flat so they will be motoring again!

I had a really perplexing conversation with GK today. She is really intense when it comes to her workouts. She wants to get more out of the time that she is spending working out being more efficient that is, not working out more. I get what she was saying, but I think she has to make wholesale changes n everything, it just working out in my opinion. If one isn’t getting the results he/she wants then obviously something is wrong. Whether it be the training or the nutrition, which I think it is. I know we can’t fight our genetic makeup, or can we? Maybe we just have to work a little bit harder to makeup for our genetic defects.

I am in the beginning stages of my workout, I am still seeing results, but I do agree with her in that I am sure I will hit a wall and stop seeing the results, but that time hasn’t come yet. I am still motivated to get it done, my problem is that I worry about staying motivated. She does motivate me, as does Michael, there are still times that I don’t want to go to the gym, but between her, Eileen, or Michael they’ll shame me into going in.

I am going to take on the task of training for RAAM for next year, I would like to find some other crazy people who would like to do it also. I know I can get very lean and get this done. Seeing what happened to Chris today was a real wakeup call, even yesterday the 10,000 ft of climbing was very daunting on paper, but when you’re n the heat of the bAttle it didn’t seem that bad. It was great that the entire team attacked the mountain though. I’m sure it would be ‘easier’ on a ‘wedgie’ bike, but that remains to be seen I guess!

Don’t forget you can follow us at the link below, Team Sarcoma powered by Bachetta Bikes.


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