Navajo Nation

Ok, so we were on the Navajo Nation when I took this picture. Every stereotype you have seen or heArd was true. We were accosted by a Native American selling beads, then some othe Native Americans came to ask us for money. We fed them, gave them out OJ to drink and off they went.

We gave them some Granola bars, we joked that they were probably on the shelf inside the gas station we were waiting at as we speak. I wanted to go a check but it was
Tough enough. I felt sorry for the guys, but I mean come on!

It was a nice ride thru, we saw many Navajo Nation Police while there. I mention it because I don’t. Relieve we saw many police or state troopers throughout our entire trip. You’re talking to. Guy who drove Cross Kansas at 100mph, not being careless, but trying to catch up to our boys!


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