So begins a new day

So begins a new day, waiting to go pick up a cable modem, seeing as I am never home I have switched my Internet service to the phone company. GK, calls tv ‘chewing gum for the eyes,’ which I do find amusing, but I get it though, it really is mindless at times. How many times am I going to watch the same thing over and over. You know what’s funny, I had the top of the line package, paying $250 per month for tv, cable, and phone, but yet still mainly watched the over the air broadcast channels!

I’m still a little bummed with the dog situation, but I keep telling myself this will be a good thing for HIM, he is such a cutie, and I don’t like him to be all alone. We got him when he was about four weeks old; I responded to an ad on Craigslist and the person claimed to be a shelter, when I said I would pick the dog up she had me meet her in a hotel parking lot and wanted $250 cash. I refused to pay her cash, I gave her a check and hoped for the best. He’s a great little dog, I always tell everyone why I chose a cockapoo; one of my housemates in college had a Rottweiler, when we would go out and I would come home this dog would leave a pile of crap as big as Mt Everest by my bed–what was he trying to tell me? My only criteria for my dog would be he has to make small poppies. This dog fit the bill, he’s just as active as I want to be. If I am lounging on the couch he is there lounging, if I go out to run, he’s a runner. Let me stop before I start to cry again.

Ok, so today is our Wednesday double TERRACycle and Whipped, I feel ok, still a little sore but not too bad overall, should be able to kill it today. I think I’m going to sign up for the Crossfit running class, I’d like to improve on that, maybe some interval training. The other day at Caitlin’s class, the last exercise we did was run around the block, and it was a big block! I actually felt good, I actually passed people at the end and wasn’t the last one in, I could have passed more of them, but got a slow start for some reason, dare I say my wind is improving I think–I did it now I may have jinxed myself.

Well, today has to be better than yesterday, so let’s get moving on making it count!

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