There are days…

There are days that the silence just screams! It seems like today is one of those days, got home early as I was so tired and thought I would go to sleep–no such luck. I’m still up, I can’t sleep. We had a good workout this morning, we did Fran 45 reps (thrusters and pull ups), the workout was tough, but I didn’t even have any weight on the bar, man what’s it going to be when there’s weight on the bar. I definitely can see how my thruster technique will improve. When I did CMC the first time, I was just trying to power it up with my shoulder, now I realized I should have been powering it up using the momentum from the squat. The movement is still tough, but as with anything else it will get better.

Tomorrow GK and and I are going on a sailboat leaving from the North Cove Marina, it should be fun. We were supposed to go last week, but we ended up doing Darryl’s spin class. Did I really say that I gave up a leisurely sailboat ride to go get my brains beat in for 45 minutes? LOL, things certainly have changed. I made reservations today to go to LA for the All Stars Spin Class next month, there was a group rate for the rooms, we’re staying at The Mondrian (little bit of Ashok trivia Piet Mondrian is my favorite artist, his work is so simple and yet beautiful, even a dummy like me can appreciate it). LA should be fun, GK has never been there, it’s always fun going with newbies! I guess in my case that is a MAJOR understatement. My next goal is to get out of this house, I am hating the commute more and more everyday. I have to either move into NYC or out of the state, I just feel like I need another change.

I turned down the job offer in Boston, because I really wanted to be in LA or San Francisco, I don’t know why they say it’s so hard to find a job, I put out a few resumes and I get called for interviews–this is great! I guess that means I can be a little picky, I think? I keep thinking that I want to go and work for ‘the man,’ but then I think about all the cool things I am able to do as a Realtor, so I am quickly over that line of thinking–that is unless there is something that is so super spectacular that I can’t pass it up…

I thought I was going to try and make it to the 7:15 AM Whipped class at PH, but seeing as I am still awake, doesn’t look like that will be happening, or maybe it will let’s see what time I wake up.

As I started off saying, I am so extremely bored out of my mind in this big house. I don’t see myself changing my spots and becoming a social butterfly all of a sudden, but this routine is really getting played out right now. I mean it was as if I was living alone for the longest time, but in actuality I wasn’t, but now that I am literally alone, it really feels different; does that make any sense at all.

Where does a surly 43 year old go to meet someone? You know who would think at this age, one would be back where you were 20 years ago. As they say this too will pass–but when? I don’t know maybe it’s a good thing that I am alone right now, at least there’s time to sort things out I THINK?

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