So it’s almost over…

There are days when the walls in the house scream at me more loudly than others, today is one f those days. Hopefully by next week at this time I will be gone from here where we lived for the last several years. I will no longer have my dog, my favorite cat dies a couple days ago and I still have another cat, but she is EVIL! Seriously, still love her, but not as much as Cyril as she is so moody–I guess she’s just being a cat!

I am both happy and melancholy at the same time. I am happy because I will be rid of this place and the memories of it and all that it was, it did mean something and I will miss my little town, but honestly my life is more in NYC now. I work in Hoboken, where I absolutely LOVE my job (for now), and then I am in NYC to workout, then after all that I have to schlepp back to Warwick, which really sucks–never mind all the money I am wasting on gas!

Warwick is such a nice little town, we ended up here after selling our house in Westwood, NJ. My lawyer is the one who actually recommended we look up here, I really wanted to stay in NJ, but the prices were just so ridiculous, we got such a great deal up here it was stupid not to jump on it, taxes were low, quiet area, close to Northern NJ, everything was good. But then I sold the stores and and wanted to move in another direction–enter Real Estate license, it worked for a while up here, but then the market tanked I still loved the Real Estate business but the business just wasn’t here anymore.

So I started working in NYC, did well, but answered an ad for agents wanted in NJ, when I got to NJ I couldn’t believe how easy it was. You know the old ‘10% of the people do 90% of the work,’ well I am in that 10% where I did a lot of work–quite frankly, I didn’t even consider it work, it was so much fun. That was three years ago, I was in Jersey City first, but when I moved to a Hoboken office, things got even better, I didn’t do as well last year, but that was for personal reasons, I’m back on track this year and will kill it the next few months!

Today being the  official end of summer, not literally but figuratively, so things should slow down, I received about 30 or 40 leads over the weekend which I have to follow up on over the next few days, so it’ll be a good week for me! Well, enough of this shop talk, you get the idea, I love my job!

I started running recently my friend Eileen introduced me to her friend Caroline who is a runner, ‘not a fast one’ as she does remind us, but hell she’s faster than me, so what the hell’s the difference. I so HATE running, it’s not fun at all and I don’t look forward to it. Running with friends always does help, I guess it makes the time go by quicker and it does motivate me, as I have to be accountable to to these people, as is my relationship with G and Michael and all the others who motivate me every single day to be my best.

I will put up with the running because I am at 87lbs lost and I want to lose about 20-30 lbs more of FAT, and lean out more, I don’t recall seeing too many fat runners (well except me), so I am trying to embrace it. It would be so much nicer if after I run I didn’t have to drive 1.5 hours back to upstate NY, and I could just go to my place in NYC and shower and relax and get ready for the next day.

The place I got is on Central Park West, the park is right outside my door, I am so psyched! If that can’t motivate me to go out and run I really don’t know what will! AND, I can also go and ride my bike too, I’ve always wanted to live in NYC, Manhattan in particular, but since I grew up in the Bronx, I always lived in the Bronx. NYC has so much stuff to do, as opposed to living in ‘el campo’ where I live. Now I’ll have access to all of that stuff at my fingertips so to speak, I am so psyched about that.

So as I start a new stage in my life, I am wondering what is ahead for me? I am still bummed out to be alone, because who wants to be this old and be alone! But I am sure there is someone out there for me that will make me the best person that I can be and make me believe that I can love again, quite frankly right now I am REALLY, REALLY down on love.

I am going to be doing the Super Spartan race on Saturday, hopefully I will not die during the race and will be able to make it home to start packing and getting my stuff together. I am skipping the regular Spartan which should be done prior to this one, but when the hell has a challenge ever daunted me?

Again, as I sit here and just keep wondering what does the future hold for me…I will miss you–all of my friends in Orange County!

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