Mixed feelings

Well, I finally did it, started moving my stuff out of the house and down to my place on Central Park West, I definitely had mixed feelings as I said before. It’s just very sad to leave my house, but on the other hand I am excited for my new adventures in the city. I spent the first night there last night, brought a lot of my clothes, enough so that I can stay there during the week and still come home until I am finally all moved out. Like I said I am torn between the excitement of leaving and the fear of the unknown.

I really shouldn’t complain as I have never been shy to try something new, I did move to Seattle right out of college and then there was time in Phoenix, and man I should stop going on. I wouldn’t mind moving out of NY in general, if only I could find something that I would like to do elsewhere. I am in this apartment at least for the next 6 months so lets see how that goes.

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