Civilian Military Combine NYC Urban Assault 9-22-2012

So yesterday I participated in The Civilian Military Combine–NYC Urbans Assault Mission 004. For those who don’t know what this is, this is the Crossfit version of a mud run. The course does have mud and the usual obstacles, but what it has that other similar runs have is ‘THE PIT!’ 8 minutes and 4 exercises, you do 75 thrusters, 44lb kettle bell throws, burpees and box jumps, 90 second of each with a 30 second rest in between–THIS is what set’s it apart from all the other races. The Pit beats you up for those 8 minutes before sending you out on the course. On this day the course was flat with a lot of running–no big deal since I had incorporated running into my exercise regimen.

I first did this race back in May, one of the trainers–Dominic said ‘hey we’re doing this race in Pennsylvania on Saturday, why don’t you do it–it’ll be fun!’ So being the dummy that I am I said ‘sure, why not?’ Little did I know what was ahead of me. I went and did the best that I could as I had no practice or training for this type of adventure or race, never mind the fact that we would be running up and down Camelback mountain–a place I have been to ski, but never to run up it! When was all said and done I finished 3rd to last–a victory right? Well not in my head, although I wasn’t expecting to win by any means, I had hoped to at least be mediocre…and finished in the middle somewhere!

I was so angry that the next day I IMMEDIATELY signed up for the next race which was yesterday, I don’t want to say I crushed it, but I DEFINITELY will not finish 3rd to last. It helped that I was carrying around about 60lbs less than I was carrying in May and I was in better shape. I knew the movements and had plenty of practice doing the movements. All in all a successful day in my book.

Additionally, I was able to convince several of my friends to actually do the race also, and they in turn convinced some of there friends to do the race too. Gabriella, Kate, Amanda, Noam, Brett, Adam, Elizabeth, showed up to do the race and everyone finished. Several others had signed up but weren’t able to make it for one reason or another, but all in all Team Shook Shook performed very well. It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the next race where I will do even BETTER–I will be stronger and faster!

So as I sit here typing this I am jonesing for my next race, it seems that these things have become a bit of an obsession for me, well in the grand scheme of thing there are plenty of worse things to be addicted to right? Next up–Merrel Mud Run at Orchard Beach next Sunday!

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