Workout Schedule for week of 2-4-2013

2-4-2013 3rd day of rest, went really hard last week
2-5-2013 Whipped at Equinox Printing House, with Frank Salzone, OR I may do Purgatory Boot Camp with Angel Alicea AND Stacked with Shaun Jenkins at 63rd St, have to see how I feel; I normally do Yoga and Spin in the morning but I have to meet clients to sign a lease early.
2-6-2013 Still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do.
2-7-2013 Ab Lab and Core Conditioning with Lynze Schiller
2-8-2013 The NEW Friday night double Stacked AND Animal Flow with John Cianca
2-9-2013 Yoga with Linda normally, but looks like there’s a sub this week and Shockwave with Danielle Hopkins
2-10-2013 Purgatory Boot Camp with Lynze Schiller subbing for Angel, hmmm

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