Workout for week of 2-11-2013

Tough week of work this past week, it was very emotional, and a little crazy.
Monday 2-11-2013: Worked out with Michael, did a little chest and back–got tot he gym late
Tuesday 2-13-2013: Whipped with Frank Salzone, Frank went back to the original classic Whipped, not as much fun, but still a good sweat, I had a really bad day going to Meg’s wake, and was so bummed out, crying all day, the workout really made me feel good, those endorphins really helped to make me feel better.
Wednesday 2-14-2013: Went to the Die Hard movie marathon with such an emotional last 5 days, it felt good to just relax and be mindless at a dumb movie! Got to see all the movies and the new movie a, as well as meet Bruce Willis, ask him a question and shake his hand! I’m not a ‘starf’er,’ but it was pretty cool. Thanks to my friend Sandy who invited me and got my mind off things!
Thursday 2-15-2013: No gym, was with clients, at least I got a deal done by not going to the gym–congrats Stef and Veronica
Friday 2-16-2013: Stacked with John Cianca, really good class, developed by the lovely Angela Leigh, it is surprisingly tough, as you stack an exercise after exercise for 2 round with 6 exercises in each round.
Saturday 2-17-2013: Yoga at 9:30 AM, with Lisa Landphair and then Shockwave at 10:25 AM, yoga is great for the stretch and the mind, Shockwave is great for the intensity, plus the lovely Danielle Hopkins, is a great instructor!
Sunday 2-18-2013: Purgatory Boot Camp, I didn’t realize Angel Alicea was in Trinidad for Carnival, ironic I was born in Trinidad but have never been to Trinidad, just not my scene

Next week is a a new week, new challenges ahead. This week was tough with all the Meg stuff, I did a lot of introspective soul searching, thought about a lot of things. I believe I had two great loves in my life, Jenn and Meg; Jenn due to me being young and foolish, I think it was mutual, and Meg for being older and selfish. I won’t let the third one get away, I am sad I can’t say that my wife was a true love in my life, I am not bitter, but if I really look at what happened we just weren’t made for each other from the beginning.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, go out a LIVE–that’s why they call it THE PRESENT!

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