Evidently someone reads my blogs…lol

My blog is way for me to work ‘shit’ out, sorry to be so colloquial, but I AM from The Bronx right? People who follow my blogs tell me they like it because I don’t hold back, and I don’t I really am like the ‘CIA’ (thanks Carolyn), I keep everything inside me, you never really know what’s going on, I don’t like to speak about me feelings. My Mom was never a ‘touchy feely’ Mom and we never said ‘I love you,’ like on TV!

My girlfriend Jennifer whom I met in college was the first person I really expressed my feelings to, we said ‘I love you,’ all the time, and expressed feelings, maybe I was in the ‘FBI’ not the ‘CIA” at the time, because there were times that I kept everything in and she really had to ‘poke the bear’ to get me to say what I was thinking about. I started to hold things in at times, and that did lead to some problems, but what we had really was genuine and we would work thru it.

Well, I’m not going thru our whole opus as I don’t want to bore anyone, the people who need to know know the entire story! Fst forward, evidently Jenn reads my blog–well, maybe it’s due to her insomnia, but hell I’ll take it! Jenn is a fabulous writer and just a sweetheart in general, she like the others ultimately was too good for me because I could be an asshole at times, but can’t change now!

Jenn’s a fabulous writer, she got me through Freshman Comp, I think she may have been in class with me, I know her roommate Alpa, was (which is how we met), but I remember her reading my papers and correcting them. Well, I’ll never have her writing abilities; I asked her for a critique of my blog. I know my grammar isnt the best a lot, but most of you guys are dummies anyway and just want to be a fly on the wall. LOL, I know you all don’t want to be flies on the wall…lol–seriously!

Jenn’s critique…you have a lot of grammatical errors but a great vocabulary. Hmmm, should I be offended?

Love ya JJ! lol

One thought on “Evidently someone reads my blogs…lol

  1. I also said that you write from the heart with raw honesty and that is what makes your blog so endearing and fascinating to read. Please don’t attempt to fix the grammar–that would disrupt the flow of your emotions pouring out. I’m a teacher and I can’t believe I just said that–but since you’re not my student I’ll let it pass! JJ

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