Workout for week of 2-25-2013

It’s been a pretty emotional week so far, haven’t made it to the gym at all this week.  I really feel like a bum, but just so bummed out.  I know if I get the endorphins going I’ll probably get out of the funk, but I can’t motivate to leave the house.

2-25-2012–bummed out at home

2-26-2013–more bummed out planned to go to Whipped with Frank, but couldn’t motivate

2-27-2013–even more bummed out, I usually rest on Wednesday, but I’ve been resting all week seemingly

2-28-2013–I really thought I was going to make it but didn’t again

3-1-2013–going to try and make it to Stacked and Animal Flow, I’ll have to punish myself and do both classes to make up for it!

3-2-13–St Patrick’s Day in Hoboken, it will be a madhouse, I dare not even try and go thru there, as to get on the PATH I will have to go thru Hoboekn, hmmm, that is unless I go thru Journal Square.  I have an appointment down toward Summit anyway, so we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll check out Summit or Paramus.

3-3-2013–Purgatory Boot Camp with Angel Alicea?

Let’s see next week has got to be better than this week.

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