Nevermind the emotions this past week…

but, my eating has been out of control! I have been emotionally eating this entire week which isn’t good at all. I just got off the phone with Jenn, she called about 3:30 this morning, and 3 hours later, I am still awake! With all the emotions this week, I haven’t been to the gym ALL WEEK, worked only a couple days–and I have been eating like crap! Here’s the story:

Monday-went into work, had my usual lentil salad, and half of rotisserie chicken, about a bag of cuties (for the uninitiated, ‘cuties’ are tangerines, little iny ones, you pop one in and the next time you look the bag is gone! When I got home, I went to Subway, meatball sandwich and spicy Italian combo–ahhhh!
Tuesday–stayed home, depressed, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, and egg sandwiches, not too bad right?
Wednesday–went into work, same thing lentil salad and half rotisserie chicken, and those EVIL Oatmeal cookies, they are so good!
Thursday–here’s where it get’s bad–TWO Papa John’s medium 2 topping pizza, hey they had a special for $11.98, what can one do, one was pepperoni and sausage the other was extra cheese and chicken, I added on these dumb little chicken bites. They were breaded and oooohhhh so good! I took down both of the pizzas between Thursday night and Friday morning, chicken never even made it thru the night!
Friday–went into work same story, lentil salad and half rotisserie chicken, and those evil oatmeal cookies! Got home early, went to KFC and had a chicken pot pie and large mac and cheese!
Saturday–missed breakfast,so I was hungry by the time I ate, went to Quik Chek–angus steak sandwich, little provolone and salami sandwich, 2 Entenmann’s chocolate donuts and Entenmann’s pound cake slice this was about 3PM. Pretty bad right? Well, I got hungry around 8PM, had to call the papa, large chicken and bacon pizza–hey it was on special what is one to do!
Sunday–I just finished the last three slices of my pizza from last night, what other SHIT will I put into my body today? I am going to work which is a good thing, but I am still worried for the upcoming week…I can’t continue eating like this, I DON’T eat like this anymore!

I have been good for the past year, I lost over 130lbs, and I have fallen off the proverbial wagon–BIG TIME! I am sure I haven’t undone all that I have accomplished, but I certainly feel bad about it, I’ll blame it on emotions…yeah that’s it, but there is something else there. Obviously this can’t go on, although the food tasted great when it hit my lips, do you know how much slim skinny fit pants are? THEY ARE FUCKING EXPENSIVE! Which is more important to me?

Say a prayer that I get back on track this week!

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