FInally made it back

After a heavy, emotional last 10 days, I finally made it back to the gym today.  I haven’t gone in the last 10 days, probably the longest that I have ever been away from the gym.  I laugh at the because until a year ago, I probably hadn’t been to the gym in YEARS!

I am celebrating many anniversaries this month as the sadness has now passed seemingly.  Last March I finally got tired of being fat plain and simple.  I was paying $87 a month for a NYH&RC membership, but I hadn’t been to the gym in well over a 2 or 3 years.  Equinox cost $180 a month, so you see my problem in my head I was saying do I want to DOUBLE what I was paying for a gym then to not go?  Well the answer is obvious.  After we returned from Breckinridge in early March, I finally just broke down and did it I joined Equinox, probably the best gym in the world!

Seriously, you do get spoiled here, but it is worth every penny I pay and wouldn’t give it up for anything (I now pay $225 a month for a DESTINATION membership–I can go to Equinox ANYWHERE in the world).  My friend Michael would be the catalyst to get me to the gym–he literally dragged me at the beginning, he’s very regimented and when it’s time to go to the gym–IT IS TIME TO GO TO THE GYM, he accepted no excuses!  I always used work as an excuse, ‘no I can’t go I have late appointments,’ I would say.  Michael said that I have to make time for myself, it’s my life and the customers will always be there, but I have to take care of myself.  I didn’t get it at first, but then I started to workout, I hated it, but I still kept going because I actually started to see results.

THEN came etc (Equinox Training Camp), this was a pilot program of a boot camp style workout.  Michael got into the class, but unfortunately I didn’t!  It’s ok Michael would say, ‘we’ll just break you in.’  Luckily for me, I was given a last minute reprieve and was the LAST person they let into class!

We took etc at Rock Center, MW (7:30-8:30)F 6:30-7:30 I think it was, and make up classes on Saturday and Sunday at 17th St Equinox.  I never missed a class, and I even went to the make up classes just for the extra work.  I started to see results, I changed what I was putting into my body–no more fast food mainly, no more Luca Brassi’s, no more CRAP!  I started slowly and then it just became a lifestyle for me, I didn’t think about it nor did I crave it.

So as class went on over eight weeks, I ended up losing 40lbs, I’m the type of person if I see immediate results I AM ON BOARD BIG TIME!  Not only was I making amazing strides, but evidently I was inspiring others in the class I would later learn, made me feel good.  All the great instructor kept pushing us all, and seemed like everyone was pushing me to be my best.  I didn’t quite get it, but Michael was telling me, I’m an instructor’s ‘dream’ as I go to class and do what they tell me to do and bust my ass, and get measurable results.  Didn’t quite get it still but it was now part of my lifestyle, so I didn’t think twice about it.

ETC was done and we were moving along, I started to explore all the other classes Equinox had, Purgatory Boot Camp, Boot Camp, Kettlebell, METCON3, Whipped, VIPR, Zumba, 30/60/90, Yoga, Shockwave, SPIN (how can I forget about spin).  I have my favorite instructors and I frequent their class, it’s tough when the instructors know you, because I get called out in class all the time, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing.  All I know is I really can’t slack off, and have to bring it every time I go to class.

So here I sit one year later, I have LOST 130lbs (started out at 335, yeah I put a couple pounds back on so what), my body fat has gone from 39% to 23%, I am no longer taking diabetes medication, high blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication.  I am doing things that I never though I would do, mud runs, training for marathons, and just leading an overall active lifestyle.  I have a LONG WAY to go, but I am definitely closer to my goal.  I am now 205 pounds 23% body fat, and just a healthier person in general.  I have to thank all the people at the gym who motivate me everyday and the best instructors in the world!

Shoutout to Danielle Hopkins, Gregg Cook, Angel Alicea, Dominick Manfredi, John Cianca, Gerren Liles, Steve Feinberg, Marcus Jackson, Darryl Gaines, Randi Eisenshtat, Laura Cozik, Shaun Jenkins, Caitlin McGowan, and all my gym buddies, too numerous to name Michale Jeavons for pushing the hell out of me and making me go and get me started, Eileen Penta who also pushed me, between her and Michael they both try and take the credit for ‘healthy, sexy Shoookie,’ my first and BEST gym wife Gabriella, man I still will never be able to find someone as intense as you are, man I miss you; Latisha inspires me everyday when I read about her exploits, her Facebook posts and her story in general is extremely inspirational, and numerous other people.

Thanks for keeping me accountable and prolonging my life!

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