Workout for week 3-4-2013 and 3-11 2013

Still was a tough week last week, don’t know been a little down, I wish I could snap out of this funk, exercise helps, but then life takes over right? I can’t live at Equinox…
3-5-2013–Did Whipped, with Danielle, she had to pull out all the stops for the class–48 people. She even used the rowers, I wish she would let Frank use the rowers, it would totally be killer if she did! But this is what people have to do to keep up with Frank!
3-6-2013–made it to Stacked at Printing House with Rico, I never took a class with him before, the class was pretty good.
3-7-2013–I was supposed to do Shockwave with Amanda Young, but I went to the wrong gym, I ended up in METCON3 on the 76th & Amsterdam club.
3-8-2013–Rest, actually I was going to Stacked and maybe Animal Flow, but I was in the office late with clients
3-9-2013–Yoga and Shockwave with Danielle, my usual Saturday double
3-10-2013–I was supposed to go to Purgatory Boot Camp, every Sunday I plan on going but one thing or another I let come up and then I end up not going. I haven’t really made it a priority, I have to get it done, it’s a great class!
3-11-2013–Michael’s back and we were supposed to do some weights, but ended up with clients late and just really wasn’t ‘feeling’ the gym today, so I skipped. If it makes any difference I felt really night about it.
3-12-2013–Whipped with Frank–NOT; I was in the office with Sam & George, we were hoping to get them into an apartment but the landlord stood us up, by the time we got an answer it was too late to get to class
3-13-2013–Studio Cycling with Jamal Smith, I wasn’t expecting uch as I have my regular favorites, but part of the new Ashok I’m supposed to be trying new classes right? Class was killer! I went because someone gave Laura a bad review on RYB, which sucks, but then it reminded me I haven’t been to spin in a while–SO I WENT!
3-14-2013–Shockwave with Amanda Young! This was the class I missed last week when I went to the WRONG gym! I invited Karamjeet, hopefully I won’t kill him if he decides to try the class.
3-15-2013–as of now I plan on going to Stacked, maybe Animal Flow, but Dave is having a party at his place, I plan on going so don’t want to get too caught up at the gym right?
3-16-2013–Yoga and Shockwave, I think there’ll be a sub, as Danielle is going to to St Thomas, hopefully it’s Lynze, LOVE Lynze(and her earthy/hippie wrap!
3-17-2013–Purgatory Boot Camp, definitely will make it as Dave from Printing House wants to try the class, I know it’ll be killer. CMC is only a few weeks away, gotta get ready!

Busy right? Maybe one of these days I’ll meet my gym chick that will get me OUT of the gym so much!

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