Is too much introspection good?

I was talking to someone last week and we talked about how lucky I have been in many ways.  My mother had 12 miscarriages before she had me, this person was saying that she had ONE miscarriage and she was devastated and to just think that my mother went thru it 12 times is a credit to her tenacity or maybe she just loved to have sex!  LOL!  Hard to think about my mother like THAT, she was a hottie in her day though and will always be a hottie!

My Mom raised me well, even though I was a spoiled brat, probably for the reason above, she still instilled in me a great work ethic, nothing was given–everything was earned!  I still think about her a lot these days, and miss her a lot.  People who have lost their parents 20, 30, and 40 years ago tell me it’s something that they also think about often.  I guess it’s still fresh in my mind hence my compulsion to keep thinking her.  I hope it does get easier one of these days.  But as I sit here in my office, I can’t help but wax poetically about how lucky I am!

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