Today is the vernal Equinox

For the uninformed, that is the day that the sun is more in the northern hemisphere than the southern, obviously signaling the beginning of spring/getting warmer.  Equinox always has a great party that day and today was one.  Only Equinox will have you take a class and then ‘fatten’ you up with wraps, and wine after–LOL!

I hadn’t been to Randi’s spin class in a while and I felt like punishing myself for not making it to the gym yesterday, so I did a double.  Spin and then the ETC primer.  Randi’s class is tough, EVERY TIME I go she is doing hills, I think I see a pattern with her.  I am sure I will be thanking her when I do Gran Fondo NY in a few weeks, man it was tough.  I really had the resistance high, I admit the last set I was sitting and I backed off, but I was DONE–so damn tired!

Then I went to ETC, surprisingly I felt really energized when I got there.  Frank and Danielle were tandem teaching the class.  The class was good, but I don’t know how tough it will be.  I’ll attempt to sign up, I have a feeling the serve will crash with the rush of people trying to get in, but we’ll see what happens.  I still don’t know if I’m going to do it at Printing House or go uptown.  I think I want to go uptown as I’ll meet some new people there which is always a lot of fun!

I had dinner with Karamjeet afterwards.  We went to one of those places on Hudson St that we always pass when going up to Bare Burger.  Dinner was pretty good, I had the turkey burger with Chili on it and FRIES, I haven’t had fries in so long man they tasted good.  I figured I kicked my ass today so I would be ok.  I invited several people to come to the party they were having there, but everyone seems to think Equinox will put the squeeze on them for membership, they really don’t!  They ask you and if you don’t want to that’s the end of it–REALLY!

Tomorrow I have late clients, I am debating whether or not to go to the gym in the morning, but seeing as I am still up, that looks less likely to happen.  We’ll see…Been feeling better lately, things are going well at work, a lot of appointments.  When I’m busy it keeps my mind of ‘things,’ I might as well keep working!

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