Well, at least I kind of smiled?  I look a little constipated, that’s one of the instructors at Equinox, Lynze Schiller, she is one of TWO people in the entire country that teaches Jukari:  Fit to Fly at Equinox, it is a trapeze like workout.  It’s not as ominous as it sounds, it’s actually a lot of fun.  I’ll only go when she teaches, but she teaches on Saturday and I can’t make it to her class due to work.  If you haven’t tried it–GET ON IT!

I’ve been bummed out all day.  It’s my first Easter alone.  Not that Easter is all that big a deal as I am Hindu anyway, but it is a time when family gets together.  Seeing as I have no family it’s a little bittersweet, so I felt all alone most of the day, it does bum me out a bit, but in the end this is what I wanted.  I think I am happy at times, but I don’t know if I really am.  I don’t want to lament too much as I do ultimately have a really good life so I shouldn’t complain.  But there’s something missing–no one to share it with, which sucks.

I got my ass kicked yesterday by Danielle, I did spin and Shockwave back to back–WTF was I thinking?  I hadn’t done it in a while and the only reason I did do it was because Lisa’s Yoga class was cancelled, so I figured might as well do something.  I only made it to the gym once this week and that was yesterday.   ate like crap too, chinese food last night and pizza today.  That can only lead to no good.  I’ve got a big trip this summer I have to get ‘Speedo ready!’  One bad day won’t kill me as even the instructors at the gym tell me, so I won’t flagellate myself too much.

Well next Saturday is the first Civilian Military Combine!  I did one of the meetups this week just to see the new format, it’s not that bad.  7 Push Press, 7 Kettlebell throws, 7 Burpeee box jumps, AMRAPS (As Many Rep As Possible) in 7 minutes.  I hate the push press!  It’s 75lbs, but to do in that rapid a pace it’s still a tough task!  I finished 3rd to last my first time last May, then in the middle of the pack in September, hoping to be in the 400’s this time, and maybe a little bit better in May?  Then there’s 2 weeks until Spartan at Citifield, that should be fun, I keep wondering what the obstacles will be–is there going to be mud?  Hell it is a mud race…

Well, this week will be better, time heals all wounds right?


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