I’ve been sick all day

I was so run down the last few days, it’s been a horrible day. I only made it to the gym about three times this week, which is more than most of the population but not up to what expect from myself. Ever since yesterday, my whole body has been aching and I just had the feeling that I was going to be sick, I felt the fever coming on. I cam home last night and took a HOT shower for about an hour and then I just went to bed, that was about 8PM, then I end up waking up at 2:30 AM and I’m walking around the house like a zombie!

I miss the days when I would be sick and my Mom would take care of me, not in the traditional way, she usually thought I was faking and she would tell me to get up and go to work–my mother was something else. But then there were the times when I was literally sick as a dog, and she would make soup and and put the cold compress on my head to break the fever, or perhaps it was covering me with 100 blankets–she was a big believer in the ‘sweating it out’ cure to a fever. I can say that’s my answer also, anytime I feel like I’m going to be sick, I just take a hot shower and jump under a bunch of blankets, which is exactly why I actually feel pretty good right now. Then again, I haven’t ventured out of my house today and tomorrow it’s going to be cold which probably will not help my condition!

I assume I just needed some rest, I have been pushing it really hard at both ends, between work–actually WORK most of the time this week. I’m trying to bang out some deals since I’ll be away ALL of August cruising on the Mediterranean. I started watching Rick Steves’ Europe, I’ve always read about his adventures and I know he’s got a crap load of guide books, but the tv show is actually pretty good. He travels with a 2 man crew and evidently it takes them about 6 days to film an episode, it makes me want to go out and buy his guides, hell who am I kidding, I WILL go out and buy his guides for the trip in August.

You know what’s funny is after watching these pieces, you feel as if you’ve been to the the area shout out to Rick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) and Hulu Plus, man is there anything they don’t have on there? One of the shows I watched was when he went to Poland, he went to Warsaw ans Auschwitz, and told the story of Kristalnacht, it was very sad. I still get bummed out when I think about the Holocaust and all the innocent people who were exterminated for no reason at all. It’s hard to believe that happened not in my lifetime, but it wasn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things. We should NEVER forget!

Then I read my friend Angela (www.pureleighliving.com) post about her friend Kyle and I got a little bummed about my friend Eileen. We had an argument around Christmas time and it was pretty bad. It seemed worse than others that we had, I won’t go into the minutiae of the details, but it’s done and nothing to do about it. I’ve made my apologies and have moved forward, it’s up to her if she chooses to forgive me someday. It’s so rare to have friends whom you can go years without talking to and then seemingly talk to each other after not speaking to one another for a while and just pick up as if nothing had happened! Makes me shake my head, but this too will pass right?

Boston thoughts, so sad…

You know sport is supposed to be an escape from the day to day bullshit we deal with. Whether it’s amateur sports, professional sports, pee-wee league sports, it’s all recreation. I love to see the competitive spirit, and know the stories behind the competitors. What brought them to where they are, what was the story behind why they are doing this event? What drives them to move forward? What drove them to train?

THIS is what I think about when I watch these competitors, and when I myself am competing. I know what is driving me and what brought me there and what I want to accomplish. SO…when I see the pointless bombing of innocent people at The Boston Marathon, it saddens me. Not only is this an attack on innocents, it is an attack on innocence. This is a sporting event where one would never think something so heinous would happen, but in the complicated world we leave in, should we just accept this?

I think about ll those innocent people that dies and are severely injured, that shouldn’t be something we should have to think about in our open society. I know it’s cliche, but this is not just a heinous act, it’s an attack on our way of life. Unfortunately in the world we live in, these attacks cause us to live in a less free society, i.e. airport security, more video surveillance, more security in general, and who the hell knows what the NSA is doing!

I’m not going to lament about crazy people and blaming anyone, that is to be expected in ANY society with this many people, there are bound to be some that are whackos! I think today of those that were affected. I will wear a race t-shirt in HONOR of those who were affected, join me in support. If you can’t wear a race t-shirt wear the colors of The Boston Marathon (blue and yellow) to show your support.


Spartan Race at Citifield

team v

So yesterday I participated in the Spartan Race at Citifield, for the un-informed Spartan Races are obstacle course races which are usually run in muddy location and a lot of fun. They are doing a baseball park tour, they are having races in Citifield, Philly’s Ballpark, Milwaukee’s Stadium and Fenway Park. It was interesting, no mud but a lot of obstacles. Things such as up and over bands (this would probably have been low crawls under barbed wire had it been in the mud), rope jumping with a rope that’s used to secure a ship, burpees galore, rowing machines, atlas carry, rope climb, javelin throw wall climbing, and a lot of up and down and thru the stadium. All told there were supposed to be about 12,000 competitors going thru yesterday. It started early in the morning and was going thru until until around 9 or 10 last night. QUITE THE TURNOUT.


I raced with Scott Katzenstein’s Team Virtuosity, mostly a group of people who frequent his group fitness classes, mostly everyone was an Equinox ‘person.’ Some very interesting people and some hard core people. It’s great to be around that kind of energy! I run these for the fun, I would like to perform better but I happy just DOING IT for the time being, the beast in me will come out soon enough. We all finished at different times, got our t-shirts and everyone is seemingly happy. Several people signed up for the Super Spartan up in New Jersey in September so that should be fun. When we go as a group it’s a lot of fun in lieu of trudging there by yourself. Someone is always pushing you to go!


The next race is next month at Civilian Military Combine, Mission 2 Mountain Assault in Pennsylvania! This is the one that got me started into all these damn races–they’re going to make me bankrupt–they’re expensive. (If anyone wants to join Team Shook Shook, please use code NJ100510–it’ll get you 10% off the race price). I’m gonna train for this one, this time. I guess going up and down the mountain will be easier without the extra 130lbs weighing me down!