Civilian Military Combine, 2013 Mission 1 USS Intrepid



So today was the Civilian Military Combine.  Sean Rogers and his partner Matt Keller created this new adventure race in this category.  The difference between this race and any other ‘mud runs’/obstacle course race is you have THE PIT.  In the PIT, it’s 7 minutes of hell.  We do AMRAPS (As Many Reps As Possible) of 7 push press, 7 kettle bell swings, and 7 burpee box jumps–and THEN we go out on the course!  So we get our ass kicked for 7 minutes and then they send us to run an obstacle course.  


This is the first of 5 races this season, the other 4 will be in Pennsylvania in May, Boston in August , NY in September, and Virginia.  I’m doing all 5 races, so if you want to join my team let me know!  The races are fun, and as I said they are different than the run of the mill obstacle course race.


It’s funny how I started to do this race.  One of the Dominic Manfredi–one of the instructors at ETC last year said ‘hey we’re doing this race in Pennsylvania this weekend, you should come and give it a try.’  FAMOUS LAST WORDS!  Me being up for anything, I said ‘sure why not?’  72 hours later I am at Camelback ski resort doing 4 exercises I had never done before/not that good at.  Last year THE PIT exercises were Thrusters(75lbs) 90 seconds, 30 second rest; burpees for 90 seconds, 10 second rest; box jumps for 90 seconds, 30 seconds rest, kettle bell swings 90 seconds, 30 seconds rest; at the end we get a 3 minute rest break and then we got out on the course! 

I won’t get into the specifics of the race but I ended up coming in 3rd to last out of 1300 people. 

Some would say ‘hey at least you finished–‘ TRUE, but being the competitive person I am made me want to do better, so I IMMEDIATELY signed up for the mission in Brooklyn in September and started training specifically for the race amongst others I competed in throughout the summer.  In Brooklyn I was no where near the end, I did respectably, middle of the pack in the 500’s out of +/-1200 competitors.

I am now addicted to this race, and other similar to it.  Next week I’ll be running the Spartan Race at Citifield.  I particularly like this race because it’s more than a run, it’s more of a test of your strength AND endurance, which makes it better than a regular obstacle course race.  It was a really good day and A LOT of fun was had by all the competitors.

Big name sponsors, TAKE NOTE of this race, GET ON IT!

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