Spartan Race at Citifield

team v

So yesterday I participated in the Spartan Race at Citifield, for the un-informed Spartan Races are obstacle course races which are usually run in muddy location and a lot of fun. They are doing a baseball park tour, they are having races in Citifield, Philly’s Ballpark, Milwaukee’s Stadium and Fenway Park. It was interesting, no mud but a lot of obstacles. Things such as up and over bands (this would probably have been low crawls under barbed wire had it been in the mud), rope jumping with a rope that’s used to secure a ship, burpees galore, rowing machines, atlas carry, rope climb, javelin throw wall climbing, and a lot of up and down and thru the stadium. All told there were supposed to be about 12,000 competitors going thru yesterday. It started early in the morning and was going thru until until around 9 or 10 last night. QUITE THE TURNOUT.


I raced with Scott Katzenstein’s Team Virtuosity, mostly a group of people who frequent his group fitness classes, mostly everyone was an Equinox ‘person.’ Some very interesting people and some hard core people. It’s great to be around that kind of energy! I run these for the fun, I would like to perform better but I happy just DOING IT for the time being, the beast in me will come out soon enough. We all finished at different times, got our t-shirts and everyone is seemingly happy. Several people signed up for the Super Spartan up in New Jersey in September so that should be fun. When we go as a group it’s a lot of fun in lieu of trudging there by yourself. Someone is always pushing you to go!


The next race is next month at Civilian Military Combine, Mission 2 Mountain Assault in Pennsylvania! This is the one that got me started into all these damn races–they’re going to make me bankrupt–they’re expensive. (If anyone wants to join Team Shook Shook, please use code NJ100510–it’ll get you 10% off the race price). I’m gonna train for this one, this time. I guess going up and down the mountain will be easier without the extra 130lbs weighing me down!


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