Boston thoughts, so sad…

You know sport is supposed to be an escape from the day to day bullshit we deal with. Whether it’s amateur sports, professional sports, pee-wee league sports, it’s all recreation. I love to see the competitive spirit, and know the stories behind the competitors. What brought them to where they are, what was the story behind why they are doing this event? What drives them to move forward? What drove them to train?

THIS is what I think about when I watch these competitors, and when I myself am competing. I know what is driving me and what brought me there and what I want to accomplish. SO…when I see the pointless bombing of innocent people at The Boston Marathon, it saddens me. Not only is this an attack on innocents, it is an attack on innocence. This is a sporting event where one would never think something so heinous would happen, but in the complicated world we leave in, should we just accept this?

I think about ll those innocent people that dies and are severely injured, that shouldn’t be something we should have to think about in our open society. I know it’s cliche, but this is not just a heinous act, it’s an attack on our way of life. Unfortunately in the world we live in, these attacks cause us to live in a less free society, i.e. airport security, more video surveillance, more security in general, and who the hell knows what the NSA is doing!

I’m not going to lament about crazy people and blaming anyone, that is to be expected in ANY society with this many people, there are bound to be some that are whackos! I think today of those that were affected. I will wear a race t-shirt in HONOR of those who were affected, join me in support. If you can’t wear a race t-shirt wear the colors of The Boston Marathon (blue and yellow) to show your support.


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