What a great day…


So today, I went to visit my old stomping grounds in Bergen County. I met Marissa there to go to Studio Cycling and Shockwave, more specifically–TERRACycle and Shockwave with Gregg Cook. I had such a good time, Gregg’s TERRACycle class are always good, what’s even better is the motivational talk he gives during the class. It really does pump you up. Gregg is such a ‘Rockstar’ he has a cult like following and the ladies absolutely LOVE him!

The cycling class was PACKED to the rafters, to accommodate everyone that showed up, they even brought the two spin bikes that are usually in the workout area and Gregg gave up his instructor bike also. Even after all of that there were still people in there just WATCHING the class–WTF? LOL, I guess his reputation precedes him and everyone was really psyched that he was there. The class was really great needless to say.

Afterwards we did Shockwave, I am spoiled and have done Shockwave with Danielle most of the time, but since taking John Cianca’s Shockwave I have seen that there are other great Shockwave instructors. I had never taken one of Gregg’s Shockwave classes and it was definitely worth the wait. There was A LOT of energy in the room, again, packed to the rafters–32 people and 8 stations. I had myself, Marissa, and Gregg’s wife Fatima on my team, and another girl whom I didn’t get her name. Our team KICKED ASS! I thought Gregg was hard core, damn Fatima is even more hard core, think a ‘miniaturized’ version of Illaria Montagnani! Man she was fast, she beat me every round except the last one where I squeaked out ONE SECOND ahead of her, I think she let me win…The stations were challenging as usual and hit all parts of our body.

We got a great sweat, but I was a little annoyed at all the people talking during class. It seemed like everyone had to congregate in between stations, especially when they were headed towards the rowers, the girl on our team whose name I didn’t get on our team disappeared in the second round–WTF–there’s no quitting in Shockwave!

Afterwards, we went to It’s Greek to Me, caught up a little before I had to vamoose and head back to The Boken for work! All in all a really great day!

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