Spartan Sprint Tuxedo, NY

Well, another one is down. We did the Spartan Sprint in Tuxedo today, it was a really good race. I felt strong all the way through, if only there wasn’t so much up and down, up and down–well what the hell am I supposed to expect when the race is on a MOUNTAIN!

I arrived early to help paper the parking lot for the next Civilian Military Combine in Amesbury, MA. Evidently registrations are slow and we’re really pushing to to get more people registered. I managed to do a the first 1/4 of the parking lot before some dude told me to stop doing it. I said ok, but then went to the other side of the parking lot and continued. He saw me again and said he’d call the cops if I didn’t stop–so I did, it was time to meet Team V anyway.

The course was really muddy, there was a lot of slipping and sliding during the day. Every time I would get a good pace I would slip and almost fall, so after a while I decide perhaps a good fast walking pace would do. It’s amazing the camaraderie that is built during these races everyone is truly helping everyone else around the course to finish. Especially at the big walls, I would give someone a boost over and then they would come on back and give me a boost over, it was really nice.

When we started I didn’t see anyone else until we got to the monkey bars, so I ended up doing burpees and who is there? My teammate Christine, we kind of sorta kept up for a while, but the spear throw killed me so I ended up doing burpees–again! I had to do burpees at the rope too, I really have to learn how to to do the ropes, obviously it’s easy sling the mess that I am now than a year ago, but I really would like to do it.

The course is a good primer for the Super in Spetember, obviously that mountain is way bigger. Christine was surprised at the course, I forgot that Citifield was her first Spartan. Anway, all in all a good day, a few bumps and bruises, but I’m not to worse for wear!IMG_3792















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