Civilian Military Combine Mission 4 (Floyd Bennett Field Brooklyn, NY)

Today I did another Civilian Military Combine race, we raced over in Brooklyn, a flat course.  Last year this was my redemption race, after finishing 3rd to last in the first CMC race I did, I anted to do so much better this time.  I had no delusions of grandeur, I wasn’t expecting to win it or anything ridiculous like that, I was expecting to finish in the middle of the pack and I did!

This race I was there to participate once again.  I spent all of August on a 22 day cruise in The Mediterranean, so training was definitely on my mind and it showed.  I had a mere 58 reps in the pit and I don’t know what my run time was, but I am sure it was better than last year.  I was psyched about the run.  I ran with Noam, who really and truly kept me going.  It’s different when you run with someone as yo don’t want to let them down or vice-versa.  Irregardless, running with him definitely kept me moving although definitely finished toward the end of our entire 58 person crew, still finished in a better time than I had expected.


The pit was the usual bedlam.  I had a really great judge, she kept pushing me and motivating me, sometimes that 7 minutes can seem like an eternity.  The push press is what kills me, I’m good at the other exercises.  Ah well, I can only get better right?  Everyone did really well in the pit, good to see.  A lot of the people who went never did a CMC race before and I think they may be hooked, it was a good time and was very challenging.

The run course was good, different than last year and a lot of fun.  As I said Noam ran with me.  Evidently he was out until early this morning, I don’t know if I kept him going or he kept me going, but we were going nonetheless.  I have to check my time on the course, would definitely like to know how I did.

Next month there a race in Virginia, if I could find some crazy people to do it, I’ll go, but my assumption no one will be into it.  There are still a handful of races, Zombie Run, ROC Race, Urbanathlon and my first Tough Mudder.  Let’s see what those have in store for me!