Where did the time go…check out The Goldbergs, to see how cruel the 1980’s were…

I love the fall, the weather is changing, it’s just cooler, things are winding down it’s a generally quiet time of the year.  The other thing I am psyched about is the new TV shows, I know pretty lame, but one show in particular The Goldbergs, brings back so many memories, what were we thinking back then!


If you haven’t watched it, check it out, I can totally empathize with a lot of of the situations on the show.  I won’t bore you with details about each episode, but they are cute.  There have only been TWO episodes, if you haven’t seen the show get on it!

Anyway, I remember going to E-Z Skate in the 80’s, we used to go on Tuesday night I believe it was ‘Gentleman’s Night;’  lol, like we were any type of gentleman.  We would go obviously becuase it was free, and I think we were looking to meet girls at the time (not that we did).  Skating around in that stupid circle, I remember being able to skate very well, but I could never skate backwards, it always looked like fun.  I was able to go around without falling, I guess that’s a victory.  Those of us who are from the Bronx will also remember there was also another skating rink Stars, which was the nicer rink, a lot bigger.  Even school trips were to skating rinks, I can’t recall why, but I do remember them being sanctioned by the Board of Education!

Let’s talk about the clothes, when I was in Junior High School, colored Lee Jeans were all the rage.  I remember having sundry pairs of jeans, of course I wanted to fit in with the cool kids.  I had a paper route from Junior High School all the way thru senior year in high school, I always had money in my pocket.  I had to if I wanted to buy Z Cavariccis, and Lee Jeans, Le Tigre polo shirts, man the fashions were tough.  Back then I believe I had a couple pairs of sneakers and one winter coat as opposed to the 25 pairs of sneakers I have and the 15 winter coats I have now!  Maybe this is all a backlash from those thrifty days…


Things were so much easier back then, my job was to go to school, come home and do my homework and go out and play.  My mother would be home by 5PM, and cook I would eat and then go to sleep and then do it all again the other day.  I do miss those days, life was so much simpler.  As opposed to now when everything is so complicated, I think even little kids’ lives are a lot more complicated.  There’s so much technology and many other distractions.  How did life become so complicated?

Friday nights in high school consisted of picking up all my friends in my 1978 Toyota Corona, and going up to Central Av in Yonkers.  We’d end up at Nathan’s to play some video games and then Movieland to catch a movie, then go home.  I was up on Central Avenue last week, Nathan’s is still there, the video games are more expensive and high tech now, and Movieland is no longer there, just the crappy little theater next to what used to be Fuddruckers which is now a Pizzeria Uno.  Mom is no longer home waiting to yell at me as I roll into the house at 1 or 2 in the morning, she has passed away, we’re all grown up and have families and other complications of our own, and I sit here wishing to be back in those simpler times.





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