What will the day bring

As I sit here pondering what the day will bring, I run the Tough Mudder in a few hours, I am trying to psych myself up! I know it won’t be a problem, it’ll be a lot of fun and there’ll be a lot of dirt! I think about how I got into these races and how far I have come in the last two years. The first race was just on a whim! LOL! Now I devour them so to speak. The season is getting late and time to start thinking about the new challenges for next year. Triathlons, more Spartans, travel to some Spartans, triathlons, learn to swim with some type of technique, Paris Marathon, will I survive it? Man on man so many thoughts!

Met a very nice lady for lunch yesterday, a total beast(runner, triathlete, she’s running the Staten Island half today), our lunch reminded me of when I met Jenn all those years back, we talked and talked and talked and everything was very comfortable and not contrived. Only difference only spent a few hours together, whereas with Jenn we spoke through the night! LOL! Well at least I made it to date #2 as I was told…

Ok, enough of my minutiae, time to motivate, look for the race report later, and one day I’ll get to writing about the second half of the cruise!

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