9lbs in one week? WTF? A LOT of WERK, and good clean eating…

OK, so I got back on the ball since last Friday and really hitting it and eating clean. I am always amazed what I can do when I buckle down; lost 9lbs this week–WTF! I credit it to eating clean and WERK at the gym!

I got my ass handed to me tonight when I took back to back classes with Caitlin, holy shit she is tough. I had forgotten how intense her classes are, and fun. I did so many burpees and push ups it was just ridiculous. I am running everyday day, put in 10 miles this week, not much but a good start. I want to start running on the Greenway on the west side, any takers out there?

I bought a slow cooker a couple of weeks ago, thank to my friend Melissa she motivated me to start cooking instead of buying all the time. I mean I do buy good stuff which can get expensive, but it so nice to make a meal which will last for several days and keep me out of the Aspen Market. You should subscribe to her blog, (http://steakssquatsandsundresses.wordpress.com/), really good stuff and great workout advice. She’s really got her crap together!

Busy weekend ahead, I have the row-a-thon in Monroe, CT tomorrow. We are rowing 50,000m (31 miles for the uninformed). I was practicing a little, rowed 3000m in 27 minutes–WHICH SUCKS! It’s 10 person team so we’ll make it thru, or it’ll kill us! LOL

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