Day 1, Everything doesn’t always go as planned….

So we started out last night on our journey from Washington, DC to Tampa Bay, FL  Everything was set then at the last minute one of our driver BAILED on us, no big deal right.  Well, actually it was no big deal.  What turns out happening is that one of us will drive the car, one of us will be on the road and of course the other driver that did show up ended driving the other car.  We left from Mt Vernon, Va for those that don’t know that’s George Washington’s crib.  I’m bummed I didn’t get to go inside, but I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.

The route is fairly simple we were to follow route 1 all the way down, and ‘if we hit water we know we went to far’–as our fearless leader Bill says.  We started out on US 1, everything was seemingly going well and we hit our first issue–nothing major.  We passed a County Police officer who said we were going to slow–well the cars at least, I’m slow anyway…Evidently we need a permit if we are going to be traveling below the speed limit.  No big deal we were turning the opposite way anyway, so we didn’t see her again.  US 1 is a pretty busy road I was slightly worried but not so much my legs felt great, and I was moving right along.  My only issue is we were still working out how we lead and follow, for the most part the route was well lit, but there were some dark areas.

Then THEY came–the rollers up and down, up and down, up and down.  Oh my God, there were so many hills.  It wasn’t bad, but they were so numerous and often.  I would finish one and then get a great downhill and then look forward and there’s another one.  Seeing as I rode first, I think I got the brunt of it. But how the hell am I going to get to Tampa?  I can’t be a wuss and SAG it, not in the cards–well at least not the first day…LOL.  I rode from Washington, DC to Fredericksburg, Va, where we switched riders.  I jumped in the car to drive, Bill jumped on his bike and was off!  Bill rode well, but was a bit of a diva about lead and follow vehicles, I won’t get too much into it, it was just funny nothing that would ruin the ride.

Bill did his ride he rode 40 and we changed agin in some town in Virginia, don’t ask me where, I don’t even know!  All these towns look the same at 3:30AM.  We were on our way to McKenney, but there was some type of discrepancy in mileage, we though it was 97 miles away but in actuality it was about 30 miles away.  The day was originally supposed to be 177.6 miles, but everyone was tired, turns out the hotel was closer than expected so we did the right thing and just went to the hotel.  We checked in at 6AM, I slept for a few hours, The Tour de France started to day, I had to wake up for the live feed!  Australian dude won it Rohan Dennis Tour de France Stage 1.  Prologue are a little boring, but that’s why they’re called ‘prologues’

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.17.25 PM

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