Day 2, things are looking up…

Last night/This morning we rode in from McKenney, Va to Raleigh, NC.  It was a nice ride, there were a lot of rollers–AGAIN!  Man Ray was right, I knew we would hit rolling hills, but so many–WTF!  Bill took the first shift from McKenney to the middle of somewhere in Virginia.  A lot of long steady climbs and a lot of rollers, all in pretty good.  His moving average was 16mph, which isn’t bad all things considered (meaning not bad for a rookie….), LOL.

We pulled over in the middle of I don’t know where and I took of for my 40 miles, man was is bleak.  Riding as night is as much fun as being punched in the face.  On the one hand it’s great because there is no traffic and quiet and peaceful (if you’re into that crap); if you’re like me, I need visual stimuli, so as peaceful as it was it was BORING!  I tried to take in as much as I could.  Evidently I just missed hitting a deer, I didn’t see it but Bill did–maybe he was hallucinating?  Again, for my portion of the ride a lot of climbing and a lot of rolling.  The climbs I can slow down to 13 0r 14mph, but the downhills, I was hitting 40 at times.

We got on to the outskirts of Raleigh and after Bill’s second shift, I took over.  I was excited because the road was relatively flat and looked like a lot of undulating without huge climbs.  I came up snake eyes on that…I would crest a hill and then there it was ANOTHER HILL–WTF!  It just that they kept coming and coming, but I knew we were close, there’s nothing like knowing that you’re close to the end of the ride to motivate you…But like I said they just kept coming and coming–when would it END!  So I just going and going no big deal.  We were about two miles away from the hotel and I got the hook to jump in the car as we had to jump on I-44o for a couple of miles and I couldn’t ride there.

Interesting things I have noticed, my legs have SWOLL up–YES!  It’s only been two days, but I tried on my jeans and they are much tighter on my quads than they were a few days ago–this I am happy about.  I also noticed that I am sweating profusely around my stomach, I believe it’s all water weight, I won’t know for sure until I get back and get on the scale to see what’s going on.  This only goes to my dream of having a six pack and NEVER having to wear a shirt while limboing everywhere.  STOP LAUGHING, IT CAN HAPPEN…

Two more weeks until RAGBRAI (

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