Day 3, Ce sont les problèmes de la bourgeoisie….staying at The W in Atlanta, Ga….

Our day started out well yesterday.  We rolled into Raleigh late in the morning, the ride was brutal, there were a lot of rollers.  As I mentioned previously I thought my last stretch was going to be easy going in, but man was it tough.  But we made it, after a day of relaxing by the pool and just resting up we had a brutal 220 miles ahead of us into Columbia, SC.  I hadn’t been in Columbia since basic training ‘at Fort Jaaaaaaackson, late at night when we’re sleeping there’s a drill sergeant creeping all arooooooouuuund–AT FORT JACKSON!’  It’s funny the things that I remember when a place is mentioned.  But I digress…

Our moving average is between 15-16mph we were looking at a 13-14 hours night/day in the saddle.  We’ve done just over 350 miles over last couple days and I felt that was an over ambitious goal for the day.  I hate making excuses but I have to be realistic.  Since we are a driver short, doing double duty driving and riding, we are ON constantly and it is taxing, not only physically but also mentally, so there truly is no down time while riding.  While I am on the road I am really on I don’t feel the fatigue, in fact I am feeling really good, climbing well, rolling well, making the absolute most out of the downhills.  BUT, when I get into the car and have to follow, I am TIRED.  I find myself putting my head back for a second and then ‘wake up’ 30 seconds later and someone may be blowing the horn for me to move, I didn’t even realize I fell asleep for the 30 seconds or so.  It’s my own fault, I haven’t been sleeping much (I’ve been getting 2-3 hours a night).

I DEFINITELY got some sleep last night!  After checking out Atlanta (Atlanta–I’m not impressed), when you’re from NYC it’s hard for anywhere to live up to it.  Had a burger and and a glass of hard cider I got back to our hotel The W!  I know Maddie was tired and zonked out, and Bill was meeting some people.  I slept from 10PM to 5AM, which I haven’t done in I don’t know how long.  I feel very refreshed today and ready to take on the world!

Tonight we roll for 109 miles from Atalanta to Robins, AFB.  Only a 109 miles–piece of cake after a day of rest…I have to say all in all the trip has gone pretty well, I can’t complain too much (actually I can but I will save that for my friends privately–LOL).  The route has been good, nothing unexpected, accommodations have been superb, company has been great.  I would have loved to have more riders but for being ‘thrown’ together in about two weeks, things are moving right along!

We’ll be in Tampa in just a few more days, and this adventure sadly this adventure will end, I will have a week to ‘mourn,’ then off to RAGBRAI (, several triathlons and a bunch of rides in August!  Chicago Marathon in October, NYC Marathon in November, Austin Half Ironman in November, and Disney World Marathon in January 2016!

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