Day 4, Well it was bound to happen right?

The day started out well, I mean how couldn’t it, we were big pimpin’ at The W the last 1.5 days.  Our original plan was to leave at 1:00Am, but due to some unforeseen circumstances we ended up leaving at 3AM.  Headed out of Atlanta was ok, mostly flat, a few hills but nothing like what we saw the first three days.  I was making good time, my odometer showed about 19mph, but Bill said it was 17mph, lets not squabble about a couple mph, lol.  All I knew was I started riding and a short time later I was ready to switch, miles were going by rapidly!

We switched somewhere the hell in Georgia, lol.  Bill gets on the road and a short while later, tragedy strikes (cue the music…), not to be too dramatic, an elderly woman sped into our line, she missed Bill and then by the time she corrected her path she ended up hitting the right rear quarter panel of our Dodge Caravan.  NO ONE WAS HURT!  It was a little scary to say the least because this could have turned out a lot worse than it did.  We called the police to do an accident report, the woman admitted it was her fault, as it was no one was even arguing otherwise.

OK, so after the police report is taken.  We call Enterprise Rent a Car to have them tow the vehicle.  It is now 6:00AM, a their tow truck will not b here until 9:00AM–WTF Enterprise?  At this point we are still contemplating riding, but more than likely not.  It’s one of those things, we started the workout, switched and then we sat around for several hours, afterward who wants to get back on the bike and go.  But still hadn’t made the decision.  We spoke to the police officer and he said he trumps Enterprise and can have a tow truck there in 15 minutes–only issue is for them to be paid (the non-authorized town company towing Enterprise’s car).  The tow truck shows up, it is agreed that I will ride with the tow truck and Maddie and Bill will go to Enterprise to pick up a new car.

I jump into the tow truck and the driver is nice enough, his name is Marty and we are just talking and goofing around.  Honestly laughing at the situation and, I notice that I lose cell service, no big deal it goes in and out as we are in the ‘sticks’ in Georgia.  We get to his shop and I get out and hang out in the shop.  Now I am still wearing my kit at this pint, his wife (I can’t recall her name, but was a lovely woman), and I gentleman named Quentin was working on restoring a 1957 Chevy.  We’re talking, they offered me a sausage sandwich, which I wasn’t in a mood for.  Honestly I just wanted to get going again.

I see Marty bring the keys in from the car and he drops them in a way which there was an attitude on the desk.  I don’t quite know how to explain it, but it wasn’t just putting them on the desk.  It’s at this point I felt  little uncomfortable, nothing was wrong, they were all being extremely nice to me and I had no inkling there was a problem.  It was the old ‘you can take the boy out of The Bronx, but you can’ t take The Bronx out of the boy.’  I was gabbing away with his wife about all kinds of crap (secretly in the back of my mind I figure if I am their friend they won’t kill me–I think), as I said she was very nice and easy on the eyes too.  I learned their entire life story, why is it that I bring this out of people?  I still had no cell service (THANK YOU T-MOBILE!)  Then MArty introduces me to  gentlemen that is the police chief in the neighboring town, my mind was a little bit more at ease.  Looking back at it I’m an idiot, these were very nice people but because of my NY paranoia, I turned it into much more than it should have been–LOL!  I ask to use the phone to call Bill, they obliged–come to find out they had to go to a couple of different Enterprise Rent a Car to find a minvan.  Even after all of that they still didn’t find a minivan–we ended up with a Hyundai Santa Fe.

It is now 12:00PM, and it’s sweltering hot and humid, we decide to just go to the hotel and call it a day.  After everything that has transpired, no one was really in the mood to go back on the road anyway.  Enjoyed a day at the pool and relaxing again, stayed at Courtyard by Marriott.

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