N Rhodes Hill Square

I just saw a great unit at N Rhodes Hill Square.  It’s an interior unit, very nice.  I feel that the HOA fees are a little bit high for what you get, since there is no gym or pool as with theGaslight Condos a few blocks away, BUT the fees there are over $1100 a month for a pool and gym, I don’t know if that worth it in the end.  At $1100 a month that gives any potential buyer $200K more in buying power power for a traditional single family home or dare I say a multi-family home a little further in Arlington.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert in N Rhodes Hill Square because I have a friend who live’s there!  She has an end unit, with tons of natural light.  A large yard, she’d like to have all hardwood throughout as in the unit I originally referred to, but at a cost of about $18K, she will have to wait for a while before even considering to make the conversion.  I think her unit would be in the mid $900K should it ever be put on the market.  The problem is, if it’s put on the market and eventually put under contract, she’d still have to find something comparable, preferably a single family home with a HUGE back yard!

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