4910 Barbour Dr Alexandria, VA 22314

I’m very excited, I just got a new listing today.  It’s a 2BR 2BA end unit townhouse at Cameron Station.  It’s a really great location, immaculately kept.  Right now there a pretty cool lady and a gorgeous Golden Retriever that live there.  I so love other people’s dogs since I don’t have to pick up the poopies.  I was driving around there’s a pool. clubhouse, indoor basketball court.

Alexandria is an interesting town.  I really, really like the Old Town area, there are so many charming row houses.  It very nostalgic (as if I lived there in the 1700’s, LOL).  Unfortunately one of the things that I constantly think about while there is that there were so many slaves in this area, it leaves me melancholy.  When reading about how these poor people were bought and sold, seeing storefronts which are in a building that may be over 100 years old, I always wonder to myself ‘if this storefront could only talk.’

Speaking on we’ve been watching this show WGN, Underground, very compelling about the Underground Railroad, but I digress.

The area where the townhouse is, is moments from shopping and great little boutiques and the library.  It’s about 1 mile from I-395 which makes it easy to get into DC.  Well, I guess it depends on where in DC you are going.


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