Is it over?

So the economy is starting to re-open. Is it the right time to do this? I will be honest, I habe been careful but I didn’t truly quarantine except for about two weeks at the beginning, even then I would go to my office. My office was open, but there was no one there or really just minimal people there. My office is situated ina way that you wouldn’t even know I was in there. The other thing is that even is you knew I was there the door is closed and locked, we really don’t hang out with each other while in the office.

Let’s be real, we can’t live like this for the rest of time. There will be a vaccine sometime soon, and thing will return to some what the new normal? I don’t think we’ll be hugging on the street and giving high 5’s anytime soon, but the economy can’t be stalled forever. I can’t help but blame Trump for not taking this more seriously at the beginning. I heard about some important public health doctor in NYC at the beginning didn’t take this seriously. Why would he/she when the word from the top was that this was nothing to worry about.

I think we will indeed have to lrn to live like this, some sort of face protection, some type of being socially distant, etc. I can’t believe that they’re going to try and pass another stimulus bill. How are we going to pay for this ultimately? For whatever issues Clinton had in his personal life, he left us WITHOUT A DEFICIT, now how will this effect Sean, and Sean’s kids, and his kids kids. This will put us in the whole for a very long time, aside from the mess that the country’s finances were in before. It does sadden me.

It’s ashame that Trump governs by public opinion, he does whatever public opinion says to do, he doesn’t seem to do his thing except for anything to do with repealing anything Obama did, or anything to do with immigration he is quick to act on that! OK, i apologize for my political ranting. I am not a political person, but when I see what’s going on it’s just scary.

Life WTF!, WTF?

Written by Shoookie

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