So we’re going camping, ugh…

Today we are off to Virginia Beach, to go camping. The first time I went to Virginia Beach, I went with my friends for our senior trip, a lot of people took the bus that wenrt down, we drove down in my trusty 1978 Toyota Corona, which I believe is still running strong. That car was great, I only had it for about a year, but it was so reliable, I didn’t know jack about maintenance. I don’t think I ever changed the oil, transmission fluid or anything else that would be considered ‘preventive maintenance.’ That car started up like a champ everyday, that’s why I am sure it is going strong somewhere even today.

So we drove down, met everyone else and had a great time. Afterwards we drove back home. Now I don’t like anyone driving my car, but I was so tired I let Dave drive. I remember waking up and we were right up a truck ass; Dave was explaining the aerodynamics of being that close–we’d get better gas mileage and go faster. My consternation was what if the truck stops suddenly–WE ARE FU..ED! I mean later on I would learn he was absolutely correct but I would rather have tested his theory at the time in HIS car–LOL.

I remember we got lost coming back. Imagine that. we got lost and we only had to follow one road all the the down and we managed to get lost in Washington, DC. Now that I live in the DMV, it’s easy to understand why, the roads are very confusing even though I live here, but as a 17 yrl old you can only imagine. I remember, asking a person who we thought was a woman but answered us back in one of the deepest voices I ever heard, LOL. Oh man we were so young and naiive, even though we grew up in NYC and thought we were all that.

Fast forward 40+ years latert, the last time we were down there, I’d say about 4 years ago, Kathy rented one of these bungalows right on the beach, it was a pimped out place, and the price was ridiculous. These were brand new homes–BTW they were on a Navy base hence the discount for the unit. I more prefer glamping than camping. I have no problem camping at the four seasons, but when you tell me to sleep outside, I’m a little iffy on that. Luckily we have an Airstream, so I am halfway there as far as camping/glamping.

I go because I want Kathy to go to RAGBRAI next year, well actually THIS year but since COVID 19 it’s been cancelled. If I don’t go cmping now then there’s definitely no shot of her going then. Ahhh, the things we do for love. I hate camping even at RAGBRAI, but the bike rifing is awesome so there’s a little give and take in everything. It’s Memorial Day weekend, time to relax a little. I really shouldn’t complain, but I am admittedly a prima dona!

Life, Life WTF!, WTF?

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