My name is Ashok R Singh, my friends call me Shoookie, yes there are three letter ‘o’ in my nickname, that’s because the email address I have had since 1994, has three letter ‘o’ in it.  Kind of dumb I know but it works.  Just don’t pronounce the third ‘o’ pronounce it as if there are two.  I am a former Domino’s Pizza Franchisee, I started working for them in college, and ended up staying with them for 18 years, I sold my stores in 2004, and retired at the ripe old age of 35, did a lot of traveling and got bored.

I started doing Real Estate in NYC, and had a blast and made a good living, one day I ventured into New Jersey–Jersey City specifically, and the rest is history.  I love my job, everyday is a new challenge, I enjoy meeting some of the whacko’s I call clients and I enjoy when some of them leave and never call me again.

I have moved to Arlington, VA for the last two years now.  I have my license here, and working on my Maryland, and DC license.  The market here is crazy, it is definitely a seller’s market right now.  Every time a listing comes on the market it is gone within days and usually with multiple offers.  For a Realtor it’s definitely a dream; I have focused more as a listing agent.  Don’t worry I also work with buyers, so give me a call either way.

Please read and share with your friends if you think it will inspire or challenge them.  I am living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  This blog originally started as a journal of my weight loss journey–I weighed nearly 400lbs 5 years ago.  It has since evolved into my Real Estate blog.

Personally I think it may be more interesting for the reader, who wants to just read about Real Estate?  I concentrate on mainly Clarendon and Courthouse, I’m sure there are many agents that do also, but I’d like to think I do it better…but what would you expect me to say…ENJOY!

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